Inn at Whitewing Farm is adjacent toin Kennett Square, PA.
For reservations, call 610-388-2013
History of Whitewing Farm

The Inn at Whitewing Farm property and most of Brandywine Valley was originally inhabited by the native Lenape Tribe in the 1500s. Title to the property was transferred to William Penn in the early 1700s, and he subsequently sold it to the Pierces, a Quaker farming family. They worked as dairy farmers and created one of the first arboretums that was said to have the finest tree collections in the nation. By the mid-1900s the Pierces had sold most of their land to Pierre DuPont, who turned it into what is now known as Longwood Gardens.

Forty-four acres adjacent to Longwood Gardens were sold to Russell and Bertha Pippen and became the original Whitewing Farm. Mr. Pippen was the Treasurer for the DuPont Company and had some of the horticulturists from Longwood Gardens plant some of their rare trees and perennials for Whitewing. The Pippens ran Whitewing for close to 100 years.

In 1992 the DeSeta family, a hard working contractor and developer, ran across Whitewing Farm and as the cliché goes: it was love at first sight.

As an Inn, Whitewing Farm has only been in operation since 1995. It occurred by happenstance when a nearby neighbor overbooked her Bed & Breakfast and asked the DeSeta family to put one of her guests up for the night in their pond house. She told the DeSetas to invite their guest in for breakfast and conversation. The DeSetas enjoyed it so much that they turned Whitewing into a B&B.

Ed and Wanda's love for the property is evidenced in the renovations they completed - from the floorboards that were cut from the 1796 barns beams to Wandas hand-made dust ruffles, curtains and pillows. As said in Home Journal Magazine "Whitewing Farm looks as if God took a hand full of diamonds and sprinkled them across it's property". The DeSetas retired in 2007 and had been looking for the right family to pass on the legacy that is Whitewing Farm.

Lance and Sandy Shortt and their two kids Samantha and Julian took over as the new innkeepers in 2011. The Shortts have been in the restaurant business for over 26 years and understand how to cater to their guest. With guidance from Ed & Wanda, they intend to retain the premier standards of their predecessors and to add their own personal touches to the property. They welcome you to the new Inn at Whitewing Farm.